A professional man in a Santa hat wears a dark suit and looks at the camera with a slight smile. This gentleman looks ready to go to the office holiday party. His upturned lips show enjoyment and pleasure as if he is looking forward to the the event. His suit is clean and pressed, his black tie is knotted correctly and his jacket is still buttoned.

This is part of a series of photographs illustrating a caucasian man drinking and overindulging in alcoholic beverages while at a xmas party. He’s dressed like he is going to a white-collar employee Christmas party with the professional suit and santa hat but he could also be attending a church or family function.

This is a royalty free stock image that is a cropped head and shoulders portrait isolated on white. The image isolation makes it easy to incorporate this image into your project.

Professional Man in Santa Hat

It is very common for people to wear holiday themed items such as this hat to winter holiday parties. This image is part of a series of stock photos designed to illustrate the potential for inappropriate behavior at x-mas office parties that serve alcohol, although this particular image shows a well behaved man.

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