A businessman wearing a dark suit, red top and Santa hat. He holds a glass in his hand and looks ready to make a Christmas party toast. This stock portrait is a head and shoulders photograph that is part of a series depicting what type of behaviors might be seen at an office holiday party where alcohol is served.

This clean shaven caucasian gent is either very early in the party or very professional. This shot which is isolated on white is one of the first in this series of images. He’s holding a drink in a tumbler style glass while lifting it to offer a toast to his colleagues at the Xmas party. He appears to be behaving professionally. His clothing is still neat, tucked and clean. He’s wearing all the pieces of his suit.

The red and black of his clothing looks festive and also makes for a clean outline for removing from the white background.

Offering a Christmas Party Toast

This concept shoot was designed to illustrate the negatives of overindulging at an office party which is particularly common around the winter holidays. This particular image is a positive view of good behavior which will not have a negative impact on your professional relationships.

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