This man has his tie mistied and lipstick on his cheek from misbehavior at an office holiday party. He has what we can call evidence of receiving Christmas party kisses all over his face. His clothing suggests that this may be a work event, the red shirt and black tie with a Santa hat on his head look normal except for the tie being knotted incorrectly. This stock image is part of a series showing what can happen if you overindulge in boozy beverages at an office Xmas party.

Judging from this man’s expression he is very happy about whoever was smooching him. Wife? Mistress? Girlfriend? Hard to say for sure, this could be evidence of one of those frowned upon office romances.

This clean shaven caucasian gent is about mid-way through the party, in this shot which is isolated on white.

The red and black of his clothing looks festive and also makes for a clean outline for removing from the white background. There is a slight flare on the right hip.

Christmas Party Kisses…Good Idea or Bad?

This concept shoot was designed to illustrate common behaviors around the holidays. Alcohol fueled misadventures in office romance being a fairly normal problem to have. I wonder if sexual harassment reports go up in December and January after work events with booze?

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