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Image Licensing – The Basics of Licensing

Image licensing through Diana Jo Stock Photography & Illustrations is straightforward. I offer three types of image licenses. The Standard and the Editorial image licenses are very similar. Images which are licensed as editorial are not able to be used for commercial purposes. Editorial images are not model or property released, they may feature logos and trademarks which would interfere with them being used commercially.

My extended license allows for extended print runs, use in goods for resale, etc. This license type is more expensive because it features a broader usage policy. Please read the exact terms and contact me if you have any questions on how you will be able to use the images you license directly from me.

I have tried to keep my license terms easily understandable, if you have questions just ask. I have written them in plain English and kept them as simple as possible.

Custom Image Licensing

If you need custom terms, please contact me to see if what you need can be arranged. Please note, that since these images have been licensed as royalty free stock images, the licenses previously sold cannot be revoked.

Images which are exclusive to this site may be available to license on an exclusive basis if the image has not sold at the time of your inquiry. Images that are not exclusive to this site have most likely been sold multiple times by the date of publication here and are therefore unlikely to be available on an exclusive basis.

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